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Friday, January 07, 2005


"Mindles H. Dreck"

Damn Straight. Did you see the Times Op-Ed by the same guy?

Among the minor sins is the tyranny of statistics - some might be happier with fewer choices, so we'll take away everyone's money. Donald Trump, Mark Cuban et. al. will be so grateful!

I'll take jam. Several flavours.

Hermano Lejano

This is really very fascinating. This professor is saying that limiting the choices of the wealthy via taxation, will make them more content. Expanding the limited choices of the poor by giving them handouts will make them more content. Using some flawed logic, we can reach the conclusion that rich people and poor people are not the same species, since their welfare and contentment come from diametrically opposite points.

I think that this good professor is a professor simply because he has chose to withdraw himself from a competitive market place, where people are expected to produce results. He has instead, decided to secuester himself into the oh-so-competitive environment of ivory tower academia. This in turn has lead to a carreer where he probably makes a little more money than the manager of McD's down the street who ended his academic journey after high school. He will never have that sports car that he secretly yearns for and is not content with the fact that other "less enlightened" people will.

After all, those who can't, teach.

PS. Professor, why don't you come over and try to limit my choice by taking my money? I will be so content I will promptly take my limited choice of appendages and shove my right foot high up your ass, you bitter, delusional, ivory-tower, pseudo-intellectual coward.

Hmm. Come to think of it, that WOULD make me happy.


I am not depressed by the possibility of unlimited choices of chocolate and jam. Maybe I am not "enlightened" or rich enough to be unhappy, but I don't see the good Dr. quantifying indecisive depression with rates of taxation. Tell me: If I am poor, exactly how much redistributed wealth do I need to be happy? And if I am rich, how much should I give away before decisiveness and joy are mine?
I am thankful to have choices. The joy I get from that freedom far outweighs any mood swing brought on by a well stocked condiment shelf at my grocery store.
(Nice rant, Andrew!)

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